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New sign, old boyfriend. <3

Neto Shapes Surfboards. 



Yellow rain boots.

Where the mind is - San Clemente Pier at sunset.

Wino + São Miguel, Azores. &lt;3

Wino + São Miguel, Azores. <3

I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street.

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I put down my mat to practice and someone else had the same idea.

The boyfriend and buds bouldering. So rad, check it out!

…but if I can’t be there….you’ll find me here.

Where I’d like to be.

Mineral water from the source. Sao Miguel.

After a delicious family style Portuguese meal consisting of slow cooked roast, potatoes, veggies, blood sausage and chorizo we walked the streets of a small town on the island of Sao Miguel. 

Oh San Clemente <3

It’s Friday!